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Private Wealth Management

Preserve and grow your wealth for future generations

High-net-worth individuals and their families turn to ANSA Merchant Bank to preserve and grow their wealth, and to help with succession planning.


AMBL’s Suite of Wealth Services

The knowledge and experience of our Wealth Management team serves the diverse needs of our equally-diverse client base.

That’s why our suite of Wealth Services is customised to every individual’s desires and unique goals.

With more than a decade of success for our clients, we are known and trusted to manage wealth portfolios discreetly and professionally.

Our experts meet with each client to understand their objectives, and to draft an investment policy statement that would guide the strategies to get there.

Our Wealth Managers abide by our core principles:

Confidentiality – We treat our clients with the utmost respect and confidentiality, recognising the importance of discretion.

Trust – We abide by our clients’ wishes, and adhere to their stated risk tolerance in the deployment of their funds.

Sound risk management – We protect our clients’ wealth in unfavourable markets, and create growth in favourable times.

Proven expertise in an ever-changing world

Up-to-the-minute market intelligence has never been more important.
You will benefit from the highest quality research and data gathered and analysed daily, and encompassing many financial cycles.
This ability to re-evaluate and respond to market changes in a timely manner enables us to build both stability and opportunity into your wealth portfolio.
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