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Investment Services

Informed Investing Yields A Brighter Future

Good information is at the heart of successful investing.

Up-to-the-minute market intelligence, and strategic recommendations across all asset classes, make all the difference in the performance of your investment strategy.


Dedicated portfolio manager

Our trusted investment Advisors at ANSA Merchant Bank are seasoned market professionals who are fully aware of economic forces shaping market trends.

They analyse incoming data to create forward-looking investment strategies and provide guidance on global asset allocation.

We have safeguarded and grown our clients’ wealth for over 40 years.

This longstanding success in local, regional, and global investment banking springs from time-honoured financial best practises and adaptability to change.

Your style of Investing

Discretionary: This style would be best if you have a busy lifestyle and want us to manage your portfolio for you on a daily basis. Our regular reporting will always keep you informed about the performance of your investments in relation to your goals.

Non-Discretionary: If you prefer to be directly involved in daily activities by managing your own portfolio, then this is your style. We will act upon your instructions, ensuring there is clear agreement before any transaction is completed.

This ensures that you have absolute control over how your funds are deployed, while having the advantage of our market knowledge and services to make your decisions come to fruition.

We will partner you to success

Whatever your style of investing, ANSA Merchant Bank is your strategic partner to provide the
infrastructure, expertise, tools, and passion that will drive the growth of your portfolio.
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