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About AMBL


ANSA Merchant Bank Limited (AMBL) is a Commercial and Investment Bank that is publicly quoted on the Trinidad and Tobago Stock Exchange.

For over 40 years, AMBL and its predecessors have provided financing, investment, and wealth management solutions to individuals, businesses and sovereigns, both locally and regionally.

For our economy to perform it needs capital and credit to be extended generously and efficiently, and AMBL sits at the centre of those flows in our marketplace.

Our Services

AMBL’s core services are: Auto Finance (Individual and Fleet); Asset Finance; Investment Services; Corporate and Investment Banking; Treasury and Forex; and Wealth Management.

Our bespoke InOne package focuses on the complete vehicle ownership needs of individuals and businesses. As well as finance, it includes: insurance, maintenance; roadside and accident assistance; legal fees; and other perks.

Asset Finance is designed to help businesses optimise their all-important cashflow by providing flexible ways to finance assets via a range of purchase, lease and hiring options.

AMBL’s Investment experts help individual and corporate clients develop financial growth strategies designed to achieve their goals and build their portfolios.

Our Mutual Fund opportunities are especially popular with small investors and those new to investing, as well as our more seasoned customers who continue to reap great returns over a longer term.

The Corporate and Investment Banking Division (Merchant Banking) acts as a financial intermediary, bringing together investors (local, regional and global) to participate in large capital raising initiatives. With both Primary and Secondary desks, the Division underwrites and distributes securities, and creates innovative packages for inclusion in portfolios by investment managers.

Products in our Treasury Division include Fixed Deposits and Treasury Bills. Both instruments provide flexibility and optimum financial results for our Corporate and Retail clients. The Foreign Exchange desk is licenced by the Central Bank of Trinidad and Tobago to transact business in most major currencies.

AMBL’s Wealth Managers have guided High-Net-Worth and Ultra-High-Net-Worth individuals and their families for generations. Our personalised strategies preserve and grow their wealth portfolios, both fulfilling their desires and meeting their objectives. We are trusted and respected by our clients, who enjoy a discreet service backed by decades of professional experience.

Our History

ANSA Merchant Bank (AMBL) traces its roots back to the formation of Amalgamated Finance Limited on March 3rd, 1977.

Amalgamated Finance was an entrepreneurial venture of the ANSA McAL Group, designed to offer creative financial solutions to local individuals and businesses.

It was also proud to be one of the first wholly indigenous banks in Trinidad and Tobago.

In 1994, Amalgamated Finance joined forces with Robert Fleming and Co. of Great Britain to become Fleming ANSA Merchant Bank.

Soon after, in 1997, the ANSA McAL Group purchased Republic Bank’s shareholding of Amalgamated Finance and changed the name to ANSA Finance.

ANSA McAL went on to acquire Fleming’s 50% interest in 1998. This allowed them to merge the operations of the Merchant Bank and ANSA Finance into ANSA Finance & Merchant Bank Ltd. The 7.5 million shares issued to the public were hugely oversubscribed.

ANSA Finance and Merchant Bank was finally rebranded to ANSA Merchant Bank Limited (AMBL) in 2004 when TATIL and TATIL Life were acquired from parent company ANSA McAL.

AMBL expanded its regional footprint in 2016 by acquiring The Consolidated Finance Company (CFC) of Barbados from ANSA McAL.

CFC, which has always specialised in vehicle financing, is now rebranded as ANSA Merchant Bank Limited (Barbados). AMBL Barbados has expanded its offerings to include the same Merchant Banking services as AMBL in Trinidad and Tobago.

Through TATIL, AMBL also brought Bryden’s Insurance of Barbados under its umbrella.

In 2021 AMBL made the move into retail banking by acquiring the operations of Bank of Baroda (Trinidad and Tobago) Limited from Bank of Baroda (India).

This new addition is now known as ANSA Bank, and its mission is to lead Trinidad and Tobago into the digital banking space.

We still have the same entrepreneurial spirit at AMBL that motivated our founders all those years ago.

Our clients benefit from a comprehensive range of Banking and Financial Services that touch every aspect of their lives and businesses.

These now include: Commercial and Retail Banking; Corporate and Investment Banking; Asset-backed Financing; Treasury and Trading Services; Investment Services; Wealth Management; and Lifestyle Financing.

Our Culture

At the core of our business is our culture, the environment that surrounds us day to day at AMBL. It is one of human-to-human collaboration and respect, and caring deeply about our colleagues, customers, and shareholders.

The fabric of our culture has helped us withstand the tests of time. Our character, expertise and leadership have seen us safely through the stress and volatility of so many market crises and challenges. We continue to sail a steady ship.

Our Future

It’s an exciting time to be in banking with all the innovations in the financial services space. Changes are being driven by technology, and customers are benefitting from simpler and more convenient ways of doing their banking.

By ramping up our IT infrastructure we are now on the cutting edge of banking technology, and can offer new products and services in the digital space that will excite and engage our customers.

We are investing heavily now so we can anticipate our customers’ future needs and how they can best be served. Banking is a global service and we intend to be there for our customers wherever they are in the world.

ANSA Merchant Bank is recognised as a world-class financial institution benefitting from select global partnerships.

We are enthusiastic about the economic future of our region, and committed to continuing our growth and development for the benefit of our customers and our shareholders.

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